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Welcome to our culture website!

It is a great bliss for us to live our daily lives among our csharks. I've been a little girl since I love them. At that time they were homemade cats, but their intelligence and kindness had been kidnapped. I was a kitty who woke up in the morning before Ovi, and was one that accompanied him for a while on the road. Unfortunately, we live in a fairly busy place, and eventually I lost them to great sorrow. Therefore, I have determined that if I will lead my own household, I will have Benti csharks.

The Persian variety has been my choice, for me there is no nicer kitten.

I would like to present our Csharks, who live with us, and make every day more colourful with their affection, play and kindness. Our Cicák came to us from Hungary, Algeria, Germany and Belgium.

Unfortunately, the number of Persian breeders fell very much in Hungary, so we had to buy most of the kitty in our culture from abroad.

Our goal is to add healthy, well-socialized and beautiful cats to prospective farmers, a real family member, a kitten. Thus, the Persian as a breed is so well-loved.